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insights on Proper Strength Training


In this weeks podcast episode#42 we are thrilled to have as our guest, Big Jim Flanagan.


With over 40 years in the Strength, Health and Fitness business, Jim Flanagan has forgotten more about proper strength training than most of us will ever hope to learn. He was a student of the Legendary Strong Man Milo Steinborn.


Jim was the General Manager for Nautilus Sports/Medical Exercise Industries from 1973 - 1987. assisted in the Worldwide Sales & Marketing Department of Nautilus under direct supervision of Arthur Jones, Inventor & Founder of Nautilus.


From 1987– 2002 Jim was the General Manager & General Sales Manager for Arthur Jones' new company, MedX Corporation.

Jim Flanagan teaching proper strength training

Jim Flanagan teaching proper strength training

Currently Jim is President of Resistance Solutions, Inc. They specialize in strategic business consulting in the Rehabilitation & Exercise/Fitness Industry for both start-up & existing hospital-based or individual rehabilitation & exercise facilities worldwide. RSI distributes only the "gold standard" in Medical Exercise/Fitness Equipment featuring: MedX - The Leader in Spine Technology Testing, Rehabilitation and Exercise Equipment plus SCIFIT Cardio Rehabilitation & Fitness equipment and a variety of Flooring Solutions including Infinity Performance.


TAKU’s NOTE: Join us in episode #42 as Jim shares his four plus decades of strength training wisdom with us. If you pay attention you may learn a thing or two about proper exercise. You night even learn how to cook a great steak