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Multi-Directional Resistance Systems

Jeff Caebolt PhD

Jeff Caebolt PhD

In this week’s podcast episode #48 we are thrilled to bring you our conversation with Jeff Casebolt PhD. Jeff is an instructor at West Texas A&M University.

Jeff has been actively involved in the fitness industry since 1991, working as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and corporate fitness coordinator.


Along with his teaching and research, Jeff is also Director of Biomechanical Research for Dynavec Multi-Directional Resistance Systems. Dynavec has developed several amazing machines that allow the user to simultaneously provide meaningful resistance against muscular actions across several planes of motion. The jewel in the crown of the Dynavec line is the Gluteator.

This multi-directional vectoring allows for a more complete stimulus as well as helping support the development of more injury resistant athletes.

Although Jeff has a strong connection to working with athletic populations, the Dynavec machines are effective for fitness participants at all levels.

His research interests include increasing function with strength training across all ages, lower body power development, injury mechanisms, and fall prevention among the elderly.


Jeff knows that with regards to fall prevention in the senior population, the safest most efficient, and effective way to effect positive change is through the application of evidence-based strength training protocols.

TAKU’s NOTE: I was very fortunate while at the REC 2019 to have the opportunity to meet both Jeff Casebolt and, Kent Fulks: designer, creator, and mad-scientist behind the Dynavec Gluteator. If your gym doesn’t have a Gluteator…You better get one NOW!!