Body Mind Mastery



In this week’s podcast episode # 46 we are joined by my friend Dan Millman.


Dan is a renowned spiritual teacher and writer. Drawing on his experience as a National and World-champion athlete, university coach, college professor, martial arts teacher and family man, Dan says that we must live on purpose (rather than at random), and embrace both reason and faith. “Reason provides clear goals,” he says, “While faith teaches us to trust the process of our lives.”

written seventeen books to date, and being a sought after guest speaker at venues all over the world, Dan still see's himself as more of a teacher than a writer or a speaker.


When he was a gymnast, he discovered he loved teaching even more than learning because no matter what he learned, no matter how he improved himself, only one person benefited. But, if he could share some things he learned in a way that was clear, that other people could really understand, then that excited him.

While watching athletes Dan discovered that there were certain qualities that made more talented athletes in terms of being able to learn quicker, and at a higher level. His theories were successful in training a top U.S. Olympian at Stanford University while coaching the gymnastics team there.

Further refining his process, Dan wrote the book now known as Body Mind Mastery. Body Mind Mastery includes chapters on developing mental, emotional, and physical talent; practical chapters on training, competition, and the evolution of athletics; and Dan’s exploration of natural laws that govern mental and physical training. It examines the psychology behind the search for athletic excellence, and shows anyone how to improve skills, accelerate learning, and unleash athletic potential. The skills it teaches are applicable in sports and daily life — transforming training into a path of personal growth and discovery.

Dan Millman & his daughter; author, journalist, Sierra Prasada

Dan Millman & his daughter; author, journalist, Sierra Prasada

TAKU’s NOTE: Like many, I first encountered Dan’s work when I read his book The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior back in the early 1990’s. Several years later we met for the first time, and slowly forged a lasting friendship. “The Peaceful Warrior's Way”, is expressed fully in Dan’s books and lectures. I highly recommend you explore them all.