Ant-Microbial Copper

Project Total Conditioning


In 1975, Arthur Jones went to the United States Military Academy at West Point to establish once and for all that Proper Strength Training is, in fact, the best way to build strength—and endurance. What happened there was reported by Captain James A. Peterson, Associate Professor of Physical Education, in a paper titled “Total Conditioning: A Case Study.” (Athletic Journal, Vol. 56 September, 1975).


Check out our podcast episode #9. Featuring my friend, and mentor Tom Grace. Tom was one of the cadets who actually participated in project TOTAL CONDITIONING. to learn more about this amazing bit of history, click the link above.


As well as being a participant in Project Total Conditioning, Tom Grace with his Company Black Iron Strength, has also developed and patented the only strength training equipment using Anti-Microbial Copper.