Dr Ellington Darden Part One: KILLING FAT!


After 50 years of research, bestselling author Dr. Ellington Darden has honed in on the best methods to destroy excess body-fat, build muscle, and get into the best shape of your life.


In part one of our conversation with Dr. Darden (Podcast episode #38) we discuss his latest book “KILLING FAT”. Listen in and you will learn about a unique strength training approach known as the 30-10-30 method, as well as how to apply the science of thermodynamics as you heat, cool, and kick-start your body to optimum leanness. This training program, paired with super-hydration and proper diet, can yield results of up to 40 pounds of fat loss in only 6 weeks.


Ellington Darden has a goal: to help people live leaner, stronger, and longer. For the last 40+ years he has worked with thousands of men and women who wanted to feel better physically, look more attractive, and improve overall health through a disciplined approach to nutrition and exercise.


TAKU’s NOTE: ELLINGTON DARDEN, PhD, is an exercise researcher, named one of the top ten health leaders by the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. A pioneer of the Nautilus Training System, he is the author of more than fifty books, and hundreds of articles on Health, Fitness, and Nutrition. He lives in Orlando, Florida. Visit him online at DrDarden.com