Data-Driven Strength Training for Rational People


This week’s Podcast Episode #33 - Features Pete Sisco.

Pete is the developer of the ultra-brief, ultra-intense method of muscle-building called Static Contraction Training. SCT explains the most efficient strength training method ever devised. These are Static Contraction exercises that last only five seconds. An entire workout involves only 25 total seconds of effort. This method permits you to hoist the heaviest weights possible under the safest, most ideal conditions.

Pete offers a unique perspective on the subject of efficient strength training. Along with the above mentioned SCT method, Pete has also conducted a variety of informal studies comparing various Strength Training Methods and modalities with the aim of determining which method consistently produced the best results in the least amount of time.

You can find some of Pete’s earlier informal studies online. One of the papers he published several years ago called Workout Variations Revealed tested many of the various methods often seen in the gym “Head to Head”. Such methods as; One set to failure, Two sets to failure, Three sets to failure, Strip sets (reducing weight on consecutive sets), Pyramid sets (increasing weight on consecutive sets), Timed sets (3 minutes of lifting one weight), and Fixed sets (100 reps with one weight). The findings are fascinating to say the least.


Another excellent training methodology developed by Pete Sisco (with John Little) is known as Power Factor Training. Along with being another very safe, efficient, and effective training method, The Power Factor Workout explains how to objectively measure both forms of human strength; momentary, and sustained. Pete calls these Alpha Strength, and Beta Strength. Knowing the difference may allow you to tweak your particular workout, and target it for people who respond well to endurance training. If you are a natural distance runner, cyclist or swimmer this might be your best option.


One of the hallmarks of Pete’s career in the Fitness Industry has been his quest to find the safest, most efficient means possible of allowing individuals of all ages to improve their functional strength. His focus has been on what is the least amount of volume, and frequency of training that will still provide noticeable benefits to the end user.

With this in mind his eye remains set on methods that deliver maximum intensity progressively over time, while allowing for complete recovery. This means that one may find themselves training once every 7-10 days, and often even less.

TAKU’s NOTE: I have been lucky enough to know Pete Sisco for many years now. Not only have I applied his methods, and seen tremendous results with both myself and my clients, I have also been fortunate enough to have my own training supervised by Pete personally. I found this to be a very rewarding process, and I would highly recommend those interested in reaping maximum benefit in minimum time investigate Pete’s “Engineered Strength Gym”.