This week episode # 31 we feature Dr John Jaquish.

Dr. Jaquish is a research professor at Rushmore University, speaks at scientific conferences all over the world, has been featured on many of the top health podcasts, is an editor of multiple medical journals, and is a nominee of the National Medal of Science.

John Jaquish, PhD, is the inventor of the most effective bone density building medical device, which has reversed osteoporosis for thousands and created more powerful and fracture resistant athletes.


His devices were put into production, and have since been placed in over 300 clinics worldwide. Osteogenic loading has now helped over 20,000 individuals with their bone health.


Dr. Jaquish also quantified the variance between power capacities from weak to strong ranges in weight lifting, which brought him to his second invention, the X-3 Bar. The research indicates that this product may build muscle much faster than conventional weight lifting, and do so in less training time, all with a low risk of joint injury.

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Dr. Jaquish is currently advancing osteogenic loading research and speaking worldwide about its implications, as well as developing other biotechnology devices and products that will aid in the advanced health and well being of people all around the world. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of American Bone Health, and the editorial boards of the Journal of Steroids and Hormonal Science, and Diabetes Open.

Published data has shown, treatment with this Osteogenic Loading device has resulted in over 14% gains in bone density in both the spine and hip over one year of once-weekly treatment. Dr. Jaquish has presented at international osteoporosis conferences worldwide and is on the editorial board of Diabetes Open, and is a board member of American Bone Health, the global leader in patient bone health education. For more information about Osteo-Strong, you can visit this page.

TAKU’s NOTE: I have used the X3 Bar myself and have found it to be an excellent training tool. It is light-weight, portable, simple to use, and provides challenging workouts that are extremely efficient. This simple device allows one to perform, many classic strength training movements.