Patty Durell

Patty Durell


Patty is a physical therapist assistant and co-owner of Rock Solid Fitness with her husband Dave in Dunedin, FL.

Dave Durell

Dave Durell

Dave has worked as a strength coach for multiple NFL teams and co-owns Rock Solid Fitness with his wife Patty in Dunedin, FL.

Steve McKinney.jpg

Steve McKinney

Steve is s former competitive bodybuilder, current Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor and co-owner of Fitness and More in Madison, IL.

Tom Kelso.jpg

Tom Kelso

Tom is an exercise physiologist and author who currently works with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

Michael Bradley.JPG

Michael Bradley

Michael is the head strength and conditioning coach for the Florida State University Seminoles basketball team.

Mike Lipowski.jpg

Mike Lipowski

Mike is a former competitive bodybuilder, the president of the IART and the owner of Pure Physique based in Shrub Oak, NY.

John Turner Lat Spread.jpg

 "Mr Nautilus"           John Turner

John locates and maintains all material pertaining to Arthur Jones and the history of high intensity training as the curator of

Sunir Jossan.png

Sunir Jossan

Sunir is the director of health and fitness for the National Counterterrorism Center and the owner of The Personal Edge in Washington, D.C.

Denise Easterling.jpg

Denise Easterling

Denise is a bikini competitor, training certification specialist, and the manager of a high intensity training studio in Oakland, CA.

Tom Grace.jpg

Tom Grace

Tom is a former professor at West Point and is the owner and founder of anti-microbial copper equipment company Black Iron Strength.

Wayne Westcott.png

Wayne Westcott, Ph.D

Dr. Westcott has spent over 40 years as a researcher, lecturer, and author of exercise science.